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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol

uggh!!! It's back!! American Idol has got to be the worst show on television and supposedly everyone out there watches it. I was flipping throught the channels last night and came upon it. Both times I stopped to watch this train wreck of a show, the so-called judges were being so down right rude and cruel, that I just got the shivers. If you all think that this is entertainment, then I truly worry about you. Criticism can be given in a good and positive way. We all suffer enough in this world without having idiots like Paula, Randy and Simon making things worse. Pick up a book and read if there is nothing else to watch or better yet go bake a batch of cookies. Life is too short to waste on crap like American Idol.


Anonymous said...

I felt dirty just watching a clip of that show. Why is that entertainment? I am scared for America since 36 MILLION people watch! YIKES!

Michael Tosatto said...

I'm not a big believer in the ratings. there are way too many people out there that do not get counted.