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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Cafe at Briarcliff Village Revisited

On Sunday, we decided to try out The Cafe at Briarcliff Village one more time. Our past experiences there were disappointing and Dan did not want to go this time. We had heard that they revamped their menu and had a new chef, so in all fairness we needed to try them again. And I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised. When we arrived there was a wait, which is always a good sign. I looked at a menu and found that there was nothing over $7.49 on the brunch menu, another good sign. We were told that the wait would be 15 to 20 minutes and we were seated after maybe waiting 10 minutes.
As soon as we sat down, someone asked us for our drink order. Then our waitress arrived and took our order. I had the Benny's($7.49) an order of traditional eggs Benedict with a nice bowl of seasonal fruit. I could have had potatoes, but I am trying to save my starch quotas for pasta. The eggs Benedict was wonderful, with just the right amount of Hollandaise sauce. Dan ordered the Westsider Omelet($7.49), a three egg omelet with bacon, sour cream, avocados, cheese and maybe some other things. His came with a side of potatoes and an English muffin. His meal was also very good, the omelet was very satisfying and rich and the potatoes were hot and crispy. Eating brunch in a nice restaurant for under $20 is a good thing!
Overall ,our experience was very good and we look forward to going back and trying the dinner menu. We had such high hopes for this place, because our choices for casual dining are limited to below par chains, and now we can look forward to a place that is good and close.

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