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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Nice Home In Florida

If anyone out there is looking for a great house in Florida, here's the one for you.,56045550,52173412,58204067,57405367,53840231,53840229,58204066,58951821,58674355&propertyCount=13
My Mom lives in New Port Richey, which is a suburb of Tampa, and she is moving back to Kansas City. The house is spotless (this is Mommie Dearest's house after all) and priced well. She even plans on leaving the furniture. The beach is close, as well as shopping and restaurants.


Anonymous said...

SHe's leaving all the furniture?? What will she use?
Scary how it looks like no one has ever lived there...scary to know we visit and it stills looks that good!


Kristen said...

Is this a good thing that your mom is moving back to KC? I would be thrilled if my parents would move back, but they love the warm weather all too much to come back to these winters.

Michael Tosatto said...

As for Gina's comment, she will buy new. She does not want the hassle of bringing everything up here. As for Kristen's comment, Mom coming back is a good thing. Since Dad died, she wants to be close to her kids and my baby sister an I live close to where she will move.