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Monday, November 12, 2007

Cafe de la Parroquia - San Miguel de Allende

We walked past this wonderful restaurant, Cafe de la Parroquia, many times on our way to the center of town in San Miguel de Allende. It was just up the street from Dan and Larry's and we were told it very good. We decided to eat breakfast there one morning and were very glad we did. You walk in through the large doors and enter a beautiful courtyard filled with tables. There were also covered areas for dining, but it was all very open. The owners were very present, which in my book is usually a good sign.

After we were seated, our waitress brought the bread, butter and an amazing tomatillo sauce pictured above. The sauce was a mixture of tomatillos and avocados with just enough heat and a hint of cilantro. Dan ordered incredible whole-wheat pancakes that had just a hint of cinnamon in them. They brought him a side plate with banana and papaya. I mistakenly ordered Mexican style heuvos rancheros which were scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes, onion and peppers and a bowl of black beans. The food was so good that we decided we would come back the next morning and then I would order the correct thing...hopefully.

The next morning Dan ordered the same thing and I correctly ordered the heuvos rancheros, 2 fried eggs over corn tortillas that was all covered in a nice spicy red sauce. It was very good and definitely worth the trip back.

It's a nice place to eat and the prices are very good. They are located at Jesus 11, Centro Historico, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! We just returned from San Miguel and I could kick myself for not getting their recipe for the tomatilla salsa! Would you happen to have it or a way to contact them so we could try to get it from them? Thanks for any and all responses and you wrote a great article.