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Thursday, November 1, 2007

La Grotta Resaurante - San Miguel de Allende

While in San Miguel de Allende, we ate pizza at 2 different Italian places, one was very good the other was just okay. The very good one was La Grotta Restaurante located at Cuadrante No. 5 Centro, San Miguel de Allende.

We ate there the last night of out trip and loved the place. The restaurant is small and cozy with a good and pleasant staff. The doorway opens up to stairs going down or an old wooden spiral staircase going up. Both the upstairs and downstairs dining rooms are small, so the place fills up pretty quickly.

We only ordered pizzas, but they do have other Italian items on the menu. The pizzas are on a nice thin crust, topped with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. We ordered 2 mediums for the four of us, one pepperoni and mushroom and one salami and green olive. Both were good , but I was partial to the salami with the salty, whole green olives. Dinner and drinks for the four of us cost only 345 pesos.

When we asked the chef at our cooking class what restaurants she preferred in San Miguel, one of her recommendations was La Grotta. Dan and Larry tried to take us there on our first night but it was too crowded. We decided to head over to Romanos located at Hernandez Macias #93.

The restaurant is spacious and the decor is beautiful. We went upstairs and sat out on the roof where we had a nice view of the cities lights. Kathy, a friend of Dan and Larry, took charge of the ordering since her Spanish was better than the rest of us. After a few communication breakdowns, we finally got the food ordered. One issue was when Dan and I ordered prosciutto on our pizza, the waitress thought we said bruschetta.

They brought out plates with bread and chopped liver that was covered in carmelized onions and that was the best part of the meal. We did have salads, which were good. The pizzas arrived and ours looked good, it seemed that they used fresh mozzarella on them. The crust , however, was not so great, they tasted like they were pre-made and frozen. The menu said the pizzas were cooked in a wood fired oven, but they did not have the look or taste of pizzas that came from such an oven. Dan B. and Kathy ordered their pizza with anchovies and it had to be taken away. It seems that the chef got a little creative and made a paste of the anchovies and then rolled it into balls, very gross and inedible. The owner's wife was very apologetic and took it off of the bill.I've heard that Romano's other Italian dishes are good, it seems that they failed in the pizza class .

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