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Friday, November 23, 2007

PizzaBella, Again!!

On Tuesday night, Dan and I went to PizzaBella . He was a little jealous of the fact that I went with the girls while he was out of town and had heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone at work, so he wanted to try them out. Tuesday night was a lot different than Friday night, there was no wait and we were told to sit where ever we wanted, nice.

The waitress brought water and we ordered a couple of beers while we pondered the menu. I was bound and determined to try those Brussels sprouts and did not care about anything else on the menu. When our server returned with the beers I asked if they had the sprouts and she said they did!! I ordered the crispy Brussels Sprouts and they were incredible. I could order a couple of those for my meal and be totally satisfied. As it was, the dish was loaded with perfectly cooked sprouts covered in a very nice pancetta vinaigrette with cranberries, hazelnuts and shredded cheese. If you like sprouts, you will go crazy for these. Dan started with the mixed green salad and loved it.

This time, I tried the Potato pizza ($10) which was covered with sliced potatoes, Gorgonzola cheese and shredded radicchio dressed in balsamic vinegar, very nice. Dan had the Prosciutto pizza ($10) which was a nice red sauce topped with a generous amount of thinly sliced prosciutto, cheese and fresh arugula. He liked it his pizza, even though he wasn't sure if he like the arugula on it.

I like this place a lot and hope they succeed. The wood fire ovens intrigue me and I love watching those guys cook. They are located at 1810 Baltimore KCMO 816-421-7492.

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lisa said...

Isn't PizzaBella awesome! I had the roasted brussels sprouts (wonder how they are diff from the crispy ones? The other ingredients are the same) and the green salad! Love that mustard dressing. Stan always gets the margherita pizza. The food and atmosphere are awesome! I pretty much like anything Rob Dalzell has his hands in.