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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Starting a Blog

I have decided to start a blog. Okay, like who hasn't decided to start up a blog? I wanted to start one, to share my thoughts on all things related to cooking. Sharing recipes and things to do with cooking are my favorite things. I love collecting recipes and cookbooks, creating recipes and sharing them with other people. What are the best tools to use? How can I make a recipe better? What's up with Sandra Lee and the matching outfits and kitchens?!?
Going to restaurants is also a favorite pastime and I thought I could share thoughts on the places I go to. Bad service is a pet peeve of mine and there seems to be alot of it. But, there is also some great service in unexpected places. There are some great places to eat in KC and since I travel some, I'll share some places in Italy and other fun places.
So stay tuned and I'll get to work on this. It should be fun and it will be great to get other people's thoughts and ideas.

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