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Monday, February 11, 2008

Good News From Florida

Thursday night, when my Mom went to bed, she laid there and could not get to sleep. She was worried that she would never sale her house and did not know how she would continue to pay for it and the ever increasing Florida property taxes. She asked "George, what have you done to me?"(George being my late father), and finally fell asleep.
The next morning she decided to go through her jewelry box. I did not ask her if she was contemplating trying to get money for some of it, knowing that she loves her jewelry and not wanting to step on her pride. While going through her jewelry box, she came across a small box at the bottom that she did not remember being there before. She took it out and opened the box and there was my father's St. Christopher medal. She had not seen that medal in 40 years and decided to take it up to my Aunt Betty's house to show her. Betty helped her clean the medal and they both marvelled at the fact that it was even in her jewelry box.
When Mom returned home, she had a message from her real estate agent that someone had made a very nice offer on her home. Needless to say, by Sunday the paperwork was all finished and my mother will be moving back to Kansas City on April 15th.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your mother is moving back to Kansas City? It sounds like you live in north Kansas City. What part of town will she settle in? Will she be around you to enjoy going out to eat with you and Dan or your home cooking? I'm glad everything worked out!

Andrew said...

Bravo Mom! Isn't it funny how events play out? I'm so happy for her, I know from you blogging she really wanted to be back here.

Michael Tosatto said...

She will live North of the river, my youngest sister and I will be about a mile from her. It will be great having her back home, she is an incredible cook and I have always strived to follow her in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Its weird- I was just thinking I can't wait for Mom to get home to make me meatloaf. No one makes meatloaf like her. The ultimate comfort food! YEA!! Myla