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Monday, February 4, 2008

Jazz a Louisiana Kitchen - Kansas City

We ended up eating out twice on Saturday. I called Stacy to get her e-mail adress and ended up with dinner invite. She and Tracey were going to Jazz for dinner and she invited Dan and I to tag along. Parking can be kind of crazy on a Saturday night along the 39th Street corrider, but we were lucky that night. We ended up with a Doris Day parking spot, right in front of the restaurant entrance!
Stacy was already seated, she got there just in time, so we walked right in and took our seats. She had ordered some Hushpuppies ($1.99) and some amazing Fried Pickles ($3.99). Both are good starters, but those pickles are to die for. Our server reappeared and took our beer orders while we waited for Tracey to show up. The waitress was a little on the surly side and the 3 of were resigned to an evening of bad service. That is until Tracey showed up. Obviously our waitress has a thing for tall blondes, because once Tracey was seated our server's demeanor went from poor to joyous in a very short time.

For dinner, both Stacy and Tracey ordered the Shrimp & Scallops Pontchartrain($12.49). This was a plate of shrimp and scallops that were sauteed in a tequila lime cream sauce and served with dirty rice. Very good, but also very rich. Dan had a not full order of Cajun Fried Shrimp($7.99). I believe there were 8 pieces of shrimp in a spicy cornmeal crust with some hushpuppies and really good cajun coleslaw. He enjoyed his meal and even ate the cole slaw (he hates cabbage). I ordered the not full order of Beer Battered Shrimp($7.99) and was a little disappointed. It's not that the shrimp were bad, they just were a little on the bland side. I should have ordered the Louisiana BBQ Shrimp instead, but sometimes we all make mistakes.
Dan and I were actually a little hesitant in joining them for dinner. We used to occasionally eat at Jazz and then they opened a restaurant up north and ruined the experience for us. The Northland place had the world's worst service and had just become too painful of an experience to deal with. They have since closed that location. Jazz is located at 1823 W. 39th Street KCMO 816-531-5556. They have quite a few things to choose from on the menu, so everyone will find something to their liking,

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