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Monday, March 3, 2008

Frascati's - La Cruz, Mexico

On our first night in Mexico, we decided to walk down the beach into the small town of La Cruz to dine at an Italian restaurant called Frascati's. The place was packed, which seemed to be a good omen. As it turned out, omens aren't always good. I think it was packed because there wasn't much else to choose from in La Cruz.
We were seated promptly in a very nice open restaurant. Our waiter arrived and took our drink orders and we ordered this incredible bottle of Pinot Grigio called La Gioiosia. We were served bread with 3 different toppings. The bread was great and I loved the chipotle sauce. There was also a pesto and some type of grainy mustard. So far, so good.
I followed the lead of Frank and Larry and ordered the Lasagna Mamma Buitoni ($110 pesos). The waiter highly recommended it and I was definitely in the mood for some good lasagna. This was far from good, though. The pasta was overcooked and the sauce was very bland, you could get better lasagna at a grade school cafeteria. My Dan fared better with the Prosciutto Pizza ($115 pesos). The pizza had a very good sauce and crust and was covered in sliced ham (not prosciutto). Lisa enjoyed her Pasta Bolognese ($108) while Dan B.'s Pasta Aglio Olio E Peperonccino ($104) was way to hot and the pasta was undercooked and Helga had an unsatisfying salad and fish taco. I started my meal with an Insalata Caprese ($88 pesos), thinking that the tomatoes would be nice and ripe. Unfortunately they were no better than the ones you get at home this time of year.
Frascati's is located at Av. Langosta So. Esquina Coral, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico 329-295-6185.

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Anonymous said...

What a surprise!
I was there too, not long ago, and their lasagna was absolutely delicious, did not look at all like the picture in your blog, our whole dinner was a very pleasant experience. The place is worth the visit.