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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mamita's Beach Club

While on our trip to Mexico we seemed to only do two things, lay on the beach or eat. At the beach we had access to, we sometimes did both at the same time. Well, we actually got off of our beach chairs and walked up to the open air cafe at Mamita's Beach Club and ate lunch there a couple of times. While Dan and I ate chicken or steak nachos, our friends Dan and Larry, ate fried red snapper. They fried the entire fish after breading them and making slits on the sides. While I have always had a hard time dealing with whole fish, the fins and tails and the "oh my God look at those eyes" sort of things, these were incredibly good. Where they made the slits, you could pull the fish off in pieces resembling fish sticks that were free of bone. Of coarse ,we also drank a couple of cheladas to wash it all down. Playa Del Carmen was a great place to visit and Mamita's Beach Club was a great place to eat, the service was friendly and fast and the food was great!

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