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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Miss Cooking

Three weeks ago I started a new job and I have not had the time to cook , let alone sit at the computer and post about it. I am working for a retail store and we are setting it up and getting it ready to open. I have been working 10 hour days or more, which does not leave much time to post. Thank goodness for takeout and Lean Cuisine! One big plus was that my mother was staying at my sister's while she looked for a place to live and there were some very good mom cooked meals with plenty of leftovers. Things will start to settle down and I will be able to catch up, I even plan on cooking tonight since I am off!! Now the question is , "what will I cook?"!!


Andrew said...

Mike, where are you working? Congratulations are in order. You didn't seem terribly enthused about the prior position, nor the drive.

Patrick said...

Michael, I know just how you feel! What's worse is that I go to the supermarket with every intention that I will cook everyday... then all hell breaks loose and we end up stopping on the way home. Thank God for the weekend. Always great reading your blog. My best, Patrick