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Friday, March 30, 2007

Pizza Shoppe

One of my all time favorite pizza places in Kansas City is Pizza Shoppe. They have 25 locations, but we always go to the original, 7687 NW Prairie View in Platte Woods, MO, because it's the one nearest our home. They have been in operation since 1967 and serve up one of the best pizzas in Kansas City. They crust is thin and crispy and they don't skimp on the toppings. One of my favorite toppings is sausage, the kind my sisters refer to as the rabbit turd kind, because of the look. They both love the sausage too, so that's not a bad thing. We usually get the Queen size pizza, because the King is too much. Yeah, they have fun names for their pizzas and their salads. We typically get the Kings Favorite Salad and split it, it has more toppings than the Queens Favorite. The salad is topped with bacon bits, shredded Mozzarella, pepperoni slices, black olives and chopped ham. We always get the creamy garlic dressing , which is the best of the pink dressings in Kansas City. I don't know if this creamy pink concoction is a Kansas City thing only thing, but most locally owned pizza chains here have a version of it. We usually call (816-741-6111) and pick ours up. They have just recently renovated the center that the original is located in and have a brand new restaurant which is very nice and non-smoking.


Gina said...

I was just telling the roomies how much I miss rabbit turd sausage. You can't get it on pizza up here. Wish I could have Pizza Shoppe pizza right now...with a salad with house dressing.


Anonymous said...

The best thing about Pizza Shoppe is the lunch special. For $5.95 you get a small salad (WITH THE PINK STUFF!), soda and personal sized pizza. Also- Today at the North Oak location (not as nice as Platte Woods- they allow smoking- yuck!) they were advertising a Tuesday night special- Get a Queen size pizza for 99 cents if you buy a Queen size and garlic bread. Guess where I will be Tuesday?!! GO PIZZA SHOPPE!!!

Tom said...

I used to live in KC and LOVED Pizza Shoppe. The crust is incredible! Does anyone have a recipe that makes a crust like Pizza Shoppe's?