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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Fewer Calories Please!!!

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to eating lighter fare. Tavie will be glad to know that I have some lighter recipes that I will be trying out starting this week. I personally want to lose 20 pounds and it's not going to happen unless I eat better. The great thing is there are so many things you can eat that aren't bad for you and taste great too.

It will be a slow start, because I will be going to Atlanta for the gift mat next weekend. But after that, look out, I'll start throwing some lighter fare your way!



Gina said...

The Offense forgot that they were supposed to be playing football and were instead playing dodgeball.
Our defense pretty much rocked, but finally fell to exhaustion.

Tavie will be thrilled with fewer calories

Tavie said...

I lost five pounds and I need to keep going!!

Dodgeball is a noble sport, Gina.

Michael Tosatto said...

The Chiefs really had no business going to the playoffs anyway. It was a fluke, but we looked so bad.

myla said...

Just wait for the summer. My boys (the Royals) will be in the play offs. And deserve it!