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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Thought This Was A Typo....!!??

I saw the first sentence of this article and thought it was a typo. The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meat packers from testing their animals for mad cow disease. Why doesn't George Bush and his cronies just line us up and offer us each a little glass of Kool-Aid and end this madness here and now! You can read the article here. Between George Bush and China, we can't seem to get a break.


Anonymous said...

Ain't life here great? Scares me just to wake up in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I know!!!
Did you here that a group of his filthy rich Texas buddies were so freaked out by the way King George behaved when they were visiting the White House that they leaked the story of his behavior?
Apparently he kept thumping himself on the chest and yelling, "I'm the President!" and ranting about how people should listen to what he says because he is ordained to have us be in Iqaq and we all need to do what he says!
The man is bug shit crazy!!!!!