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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Los Cabos Mexican Grill - Jenks,OK

I drove down to Tulsa yesterday, to spend the weekend with my son, Ryan. They actually live in Jenks, OK, which is a very nice suburb of Tulsa. Ryan wanted to see the movie, 30 Days of Night, a gory- slash- off- their- heads type of vampire movie which was playing at the Riverwalk Crossing Theater. We arrived a little late and decided we would catch the 9:50 PM showing, a much better time for a slash 'em up, blood spraying gorefest of a movie. Since we had 2 1/2 hours to kill, we decided to walk over to Los Cabos Mexican Grill & Cantina for dinner.
As could be expected at 7:30 PM, the place was packed and had a waiting list. My ex-wife, Judy, was with us and suggested we sit outside. I thought it was a little on the cool side, but the area is covered and had multiple heaters, so it was a perfect place to dine and we did not have to wait.
Los Cabos has a fairly nice menu, with all the regulars, plus things like tilapia and mahi-mahi tacos. It's casual dining place, with a little bit of sophistication.
They start you off with some nice, warm, thin and crispy chips and 2 salsas. One of the salsas is a warm, roasted salsa, which was my favorite. We ordered a cup of the White Queso($4.49), which was thick and creamy and very flavorful. For an additional $1.29, you can add chorizo, ground beef or fajita steak to it.
Ryan and I both ordered the Crispy Beef Tacos($8.99), which included 3 crispy beef tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, rice and your choice of beans. Ryan had refried and I had the rancho beans, all the food was very good. Judy ordered the Chicken & Spinach Stacked Enchilada($10.99) and had black beans with hers. I love having a bean choice and really liked their Rancho Beans, which were soupy with bacon and jalapenos.
The overall experience was good and I would go back. This was actually my second time there. The staff is well trained and the food is good. It is a little on the noisy side, both inside and out. And those eating inside come out smelling like grilled onions!
The restaurant is located along the Arkansas River, so you have a nice view of Downtown Tulsa's lights at night. They had live music the night we were there, but it was pretty bad. The girl that sang, also played guitar and seemed as though she started doing both last night. It was really loud and just plain bad, the only downside to a otherwise good dining experience.
Los Cabos is located at 300 Riverwalk Terrace #100 Jenks, OK 74037 918-298-CABO.

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