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Monday, October 29, 2007

San Agustin Chocolates & Churros-San Miguel

If you are a fan of hot chocolate or even better, fried- sugar-covered-sticks of dough, then you must visit San Agustin Chocolates & Churros in San Miguel. The first time we stopped in, we ordered Mexican hot chocolate, which is similar to what we are used to here in the states. It's very mellow, smooth and milky with just a hint of cinnamon. When you order your hot chocolate, you also receive 3 of those amazingly sinful churros and for only 33 Pesos, it's a great bargain to boot.

The second time we stopped in Dan, Dan B. and I ordered the Spanish hot chocolate, which was a thick, dark, bittersweet hot chocolate with an almost pudding like consistency. I did not like that version as well as the Mexican, but it was still very good.

They do serve other things as well, like real food, but we came only for the chocolate and churros. The decor was very interesting, it looked somewhat like an old coffee bar, the kind you see in Paris and Rome. The walls were covered with pictures of the owner, Margarita Gralia, a famous actress down there. From the pictures, she is a very beautiful woman, who probably has not eaten very many churros.

They are located in the Centro section of San Miguel at San Francisco #21 Centro 37700 San Miguel de Allende 415-154-9102.

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