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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Macy's and Martha Stewart

Today, Dan and I headed to the Metro North Mall, to check out the new Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's. I wanted to check out her enameled Dutch ovens that have been prominent in the new ads. The merchandise looks very nice, but as we walked the housewares floor, we could not find that blue Dutch oven anywhere. Dan walked over to an associate, pointed to the picture of it on a fixture and asked "Do you have those?". The associate turned to Dan and replied "Yes" and went back to doing whatever she was doing, which looked to me like NOTHING!
I'm sorry, but where is the customer service in today's retail world? I wanted to purchase a $50 item and there was nobody willing to help me find it so that I could take it home. I had hoped that the customer service would improve at this store once Macy's took over, but I have been let down. It seems that in today's retail market, these types of stores would be falling all over their customers to make a sale. We actually received better service at K-Mart today, while looking for fixtures for the bathroom. Not only did the associate ask us if she could help us, she took us to the products we were looking for. When she saw us later, she asked if we found what we were looking for.
When I walk into a K-Mart or a Target, I don't expect to be waited on. I do however expect help if I need it and seem to always receive it. When we were in Macy's today, not one person acknowledged our presence. Needless, to say, I will be purchasing my Dutch oven somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post as I have found "Customer Service" to be lacking in most areas these days. However, I too had an extremely pleasant experience at K-Mart! I was on a business trip and needed several things for our tradeshow booth. A gentleman at K-Mart helped us secure everything we needed. He not only found us an item that was out of stock on the shelf but took us directly to the merchandise we were looking for! This was by far the most pleasant customer service I have received in a retail environment in a long time. He went above and beyond what I would ever expect at a store like K-Mart. Maybe they are on to something! Incredible!

Michael Tosatto said...

Maybe this is what it will take to turn K-Mart around.

myla said...

I actually received good customer service in that Macys recently(but she was older and had obviously been in retail forever!) Having worked at the Gap for 100 years, where we WERE taught customer service, it chaps my bum when I walk in and get no customer service. NOT EVEN A GREETING!!! I don't even go to the Gap anymore. What happened? You would think a store that is hurting as hard as the Gap should be kissing my feet when I enter, but they can't even be bothered to say, "hello!" Ann Taylor Loft is where its at (PLaza and Zona locations- Town Center - not so much) And American Eagle- always helpful! Don't get me started on Abercrombie! AWFUL! Anyway- about the dutch oven- Target has the Chefmate one advertised again and I have seen it in the stores. Cooks Magazine REALLY liked it.