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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dan and Larry in San Miguel

This is a copy of an earlier post that I deleted because some one felt it was necessary to post a comment that was not appropriate.Our friends, Dan and Larry, are in San Miguel, Mexico and from the e-mail we received are having a great time. I wanted to post an excerpt of one of their dining experiences, because they could not post a comment:
Tried to get on Mike's blog but couldn't. Wanted to share with him an eating experiencing. He would have wet his pants.Went to a dinner at the Sierra Nevada Hotel which is owned by the Orient Express. They brought in three chefs from the orient express and the food was unusual and magnificent. We started with Seared dive scallop cocktail,in tamarind sangrita sauce. Very spicy. Then Yellow corn cappuccino,Parmesan foam and powder chili piruin ( my favorite). Served very hot in a cup. I've never had anything like it. The Cured pacific sea bass ceviche with passion fruit-Jocque Coulis. I have never like ceviche, but this was very good. Main course was Ancho Chili-chiapas coffee crusted roasted Venison Loin, roasted plantain puree and garden vegetables. venison was rare and tender. The chef came to our table and explained the difficulty in cooking venison. Desert was a white chocolate bread pudding, warm chocolate sauce and dark chocolate shavings. Quite a culinary experience. I thought about Mike during the dinner. He would have enjoyed it so much more than I. There was a wonderful trio of Mexican men who played instruments and sang and a lady diner at a nearby table also sang several songs. She was a great singer.Quite and elegant evening eating on an outside patio in a beautiful garden.Funny part of evening, a couple came in and sat in the bar beside the dining room and made out furiously. The lady was all over the guy.So the next day when invited to Howard and Bill's for drinks and comedia,who should also be there, but this woman and man from the bar. She was a photographer from Los Angles and worked for Hustler magazine. What a hoot.Well so much for Mexico. Hope your bathroom remodeling is going

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