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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mavi Casual Italian

On Saturday, Dan and I were in the Liberty area and thought we would stop in at Mavi for lunch. My sister has eaten there a few times and always said good things about it, so we thought we would try them out. Their specialty is spedini and they also offer up pastas and sandwiches. Dan ordered the Meatball Sandwich($5.99) which included a choice of soup, pasta salad or tossed house salad. He got his with the house salad. The sandwich was on a crusty roll, with mozzarella cheese and a really good sugo. I ordered Frank's Diablo Chicken Spedini($7.99) which was chicken spedini served with a spicy marinara, a good portion of penne pasta and garlic bread. I loved this dish, the sauce was spicy and sweet and the chicken was cooked to perfection. Originally I was going to order the Vesuvio Style dish, but the girl at the counter thought it was too spicy. She thought the Diablo was spicy too, but it was not that bad. I ordered a the house salad ($.99) with my food. The salad comes tossed in the dressing and it was not overly dressed. Dan ordered his dressing on the side for fear of the over dressed salad, but mine was just right.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience and liked the food. You order at the counter and they bring the food out to you. The restaurant was clean and seemed to run smoothly. I have always said that no one cooks Italian like my mom, so I am very picky about my italian food and I would definitely eat there again. They are located at 8678 NE Flintlock Road Kansas City, MO 64157 (816)781-1111. They also have locations in Independence and Belton.


The Frank Family said...

We live in Belton and they just put one in here. My sister and her husband went there and had glowing reviews of it. We all grew up in NYC and so we hold italian food to a pretty high standard. I think we'll give it a try tonight.

Marshrae said...

My daughter took me to Mavi in Independence last week for my first visit to MAVI. I ordered the Sausage and Vegetables, and a house salad. I was expecting maybe a couple of sausages and a small order or vegetables. Was I ever surprised. They brought me a huge plate of sliced sausage which had been sautéed/grilled with green and red peppers, onions and potatoes. It fabulous!!! The salad was excellent too, and I had never tasted garlic bread as good as theirs. I had had eaten all day and I had to take some of the Sausage and Vegetables home. And the staff was very attentive. Ask how everything tasted, and then ask if we wanted more garlic bread. I wanted my husband to try ASAP. I discovered we had a MAVI in Belton, so I naturally had to take my husband. I was told all MAVI's were the same. WRONG!!! When I ordered I had left a tip according to the service we had received in Independence. That was my mistake. Was I ever surprised again. We received the two small sausages with two florets of broccoli, a few potatoes and 4 thin slices of squash on the side. There was a lot of bare plate showing. Not even enough for my husband, let along enough for us to share. The large salad I ordered was limp lettuce with what tasted like bottled dressing. It certainly was not the sweet dressing I had experienced on Saturday. I never even finished the cold "garlic" tasteless toast. The bread might have been the same, but that is all. Even with the cost of gas we will drive to Independence if we want MAVI. I had planned to take my mom to the one in Belton Sunday but not now.