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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Mango Room Revisited

Last night, my 12 year old nephew Auggy came over to spend the evening with us. I asked what he wanted to eat and he said he was open. I suggested Chinese, Dan suggested Thai and Auggy thought if we were heading downtown, why not go to The Mango Room. He had eaten there with us before and liked it, so that is where we headed.

Auggy and I ordered the Beer Cheese Soup($5) to start with. It was a nice big bowl of thick and creamy soup and was delicious. This was just a special though and is not always on the menu. Dan had the Wedge Salad($6) which, as always was excellent. For dinner Auggy and I ordered the CWB Ribs($12) and they were also very good. I have not ordered them before, but would get them again. Auggy loved the fact that they were already cut and he loved the sauce. For his sides, he ordered the Cajun Corn on the Cob and Fried Green Bean Bundles and liked both. I had French Fries and Cheddar Pepper Grits. The fries were cold, but the grits were good and peppery. Dan had the Fried Chicken($12), which we both love and it was good last night. He had the Fried Green Bean Bundles and the grits. We all decided that we could eat a big ol' plate of those green beans.

The food and the service were great, as usual. We will continue to eat there as long as they serve up the food. The Mango Room is located at 1111 Main KCMO 64105 816-268-6243 You can read my previous post at The Mango Room .


Gina said...

I love how Auggy has always had such grown up taste in his food. He does NOT get it from his mama!!!

Michael Tosatto said...

He said he wanted to go there, because his mom and dad would not take him!! He not only looks like me, he thinks like me.