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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dos Hombres-Rivermarket

Stacy and Tracey invited us to dinner last night. They wanted to go to Tarantino's, but we had just eaten there Saturday night, so we ended up at Dos Hombres. I wish we had just gone to Tarantino's, the menu is varied enough that we could have had completely different food(and much better food and much better service). Dos Hombres is just a so-so restaurant. The service is not that great and the food is very hit and miss. This was our third and probably last trip there.
Dan and I ordered beers because they do have a good house amber. The girls had already ordered the cheese dip and when it came out, it was not very warm. Dan and Tracey shared the Dos Fajitas and from the food leftover, it did not look like they enjoyed it much. I had the Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, which were okay, but the portion seemed a little skimpy compared to other Mexican places in town. Stacy had the Fajitadilla from the appetizer section. It was a large tortilla filled with steak and grilled fajita veggies, served with sour cream and guacamole. This was one of the better dishes on the table and a bargain, because it was half price.
The company was great, but the food just does not hold up to all the choices we have out there! Next time, we will take them to Senor Tequila, where the food is much better. Dos Hombres is located in the River Market at 528 Walnut.


lisa said...

Hey Mike, thanks for this, I have been wondering about this place. Sorry I haven't been in touch, as you know it's been a bit crazy. But now I have plenty of time to sit, drink coffee, and read your blog! Like I'm doing now!

Michael Tosatto said...

I have put Istanbul on my list of places to visit. Enjoy!!

lisa said...

You would love it. The food is exceptional! Todays blog will talk about my lunch. YUM!