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Monday, September 24, 2007

Panera Bread

Hooray!! Panera is now open at 311 NE Englewood Road in the Creekwood Commons shopping center. The restaurant is very spacious on the inside, with lots of natural light and a fireplace. They have a nice outside eating area as well, which is always welcome in my opinion. We already bought a loaf of bread there last night, their 3 Cheese Bread, which was very good. I'm not typically a fan of chain restaurants, but Panera always serves up good food and the service is typically good. I look forward to many meals there.


lisa said...

i agree. Panera does a good job, has fresh healthful food, and is great in a pinch. Certainly much better than any other fast food available!

myla said...

Since they are new, they don't quite have their acts together. Wait a couple of weeks. Then they will be good to go, I expect.