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Monday, September 24, 2007

Chicken Pizza with Roasted Garlic

Thursday night I decided make pizza, but I wanted something a little different from the norm. I made the crust, Semolina Pizza Crust from a past posting, then came up with the topping. I started by roasting a head of garlic in the oven, slicing off the very top, drizzling it with olive oil, wrapping it in foil and baking it for an hour at 375. Once it is cool enough to handle , I squeeze the head of garlic and the pulp comes right out. I mixed it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then rubbed that onto the prepared crust.
I then seasoned 2 skinless-boneless chicken breasts with Penzey's Pizza Seasoning and grilled them in my square grill pan until cooked through. I cut the chicken into bite sized pieces and placed it on the pizza.
I then topped that with a mixture of mozzarella and Parmesan and baked it for 12 minutes at 450 degrees.
I drizzled it with a little more olive oil and a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar that I had reduced down to a syrup before serving it.

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Patrick said...

Hey Michael,
I just ordered a new pizza stone. Can't wait till it gets here so I can try some of your recipes! Especially the Potato Sage Pizza. Sounds great. Thanks for adding me to your site. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Happy New Year! Patrick