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Friday, September 7, 2007

Sale Con Tartufo Bianco

Yesterday, my box of goodies from O & Co. arrived in the mail! While we were in Seattle we came upon an O & Co. in the Pacific Palace mall downtown and of course we had to go in. We first shopped in their stores in Paris and were excited to find some here in the states. We have had excellent customer service in every store we have gone into and the one in Seattle was no exception. The guy working at the Seattle location kept bringing things for us to taste and we kept adding things to our order. He pointed out this wonderful white truffle salt and the fragrance was so incredible, it was like Tuscany in a jar. I used it last night on my tomatoes and on some roasted asparagus and it was wonderful. It's a combination of grey salt from the Atlantic and nice sized pieces of freeze dried white truffle. The taste is just as incredible as the smell and you get that great truffle flavor without the high cost. The product is TartufLanghe's Sale Con Tartufo Bianco.


lisa said...

I am going to their website right now! I hope you can order online! I have not shopped at O & Co before, so thanks! And great to see you and Dan in the Crossroads last night!

Michael Tosatto said...

This stuff is incredible, you'll love it if you like truffles.