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Monday, September 17, 2007

Stacey's Cheese Tray

Sunday afternoon, Stacey, Tracy and Cheryl came over to help Dan celebrate his "39th" birthday. I smoked some ribs and Italian sausage, made up a really good batch of guacamole(if I do say so myself!) and baked Martha's Ricotta Cheesecake . Cheryl brought really good cookies and brownies and Tracy brought some wonderful roasted red pepper hummus from Costco. The cheese tray pictured at the right was Stacey's addition. There was a creamy Brie, some Pesto Jack cheese and this incredible Cabernet brined White Cheddar. The colors of the cheeses against the pears and grapes lokked great and that white cheddar was awesome.

Stacey brought me a couple of goodies too. She brought over the September issue of Food and Wine, which is totally dedicated to Italian foods and wines. And she gave me a copy of the Junior League of Birmingham, Alabama's newest cookbook Tables of Content. It's a beautiful cookbook, with some great recipes and pictures. How sweet is she? I always love a good gift!

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