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Monday, December 3, 2007

Dining Out in Kansas City

This was a very busy weekend for us. Our friend, Alicia, came to visit from Phoenix with her new boyfriend, Sherrod (we call him Shazam!). We had a great time with them and really enjoyed getting to know Shazam. They also got to enjoy our crazy weather and some great Kansas City food.

On Thursday night we went to PizzaBella. This was like my 3rd visit there in the last 2 weeks, but I have a slight addiction to the Brussels sprouts. We ran into our friend Stacey, who had just finished dining with a friend and while we were leaving, we ran into Paul and Chris.

Alicia and Shazam ordered the crispy Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes and the calamari salad, all of which they loved. I had the sprouts and the mushroom pizza, while Dan ordered the green salad and the biancoverde pizza. Both of us were happy with our meals, too.

On Friday afternoon, we headed over to JP Wine Bar to meet up with Lisa and Karen. The place was much different than it was last Saturday. This time it was packed and noisy, which ruined the atmosphere for me. They had the music turned up way too loud to compensate for the human noise and that only added to the problem. We found a booth in the back and settled in for some great conversation, drink and food. We ordered the bruschetta , hummus and antipasto and enjoyed them all.

From there, we headed over to The Mango Room for dinner. They were also busy and there was live music. We had an excellent server and really had a great meal. Alicia ordered the fried chicken with mac and cheese and the fried green bean bundles. Shazam had the ox tails with the cheddar peppa' grits and fried green bean bundles. Dan ordered the salmon along with the grits and the green bean bundles and I had the pork chop with Brussels sprouts and the grits. All of the food was good and the company was excellent.

On Sunday morning we went to The Cafe at Briarcliff Village. While the food was good, the service is still a little questionable. Our server did not know the menu as well as she should have and that caused some problems with the ticket in the end. Dan and Alicia ordered the farmers breakfast and Shazam and I had the skillets. This place could be really good if they could just train the servers. We find ourselves opting for other places to eat, even though they are so close to home.


lisa said...

You really are addicted to Brussels sprouts, arent you? Pizza Bella, Mango Room....well, it could be MUCH worse! I agree, it was TOO LOUD in JP's. Shame.

Andrew said...

Are you a PizzaBella addict? Do you need an intervention?

Michael Tosatto said...

I am totally an addict, who knew sprouts could be so good.