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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Volpi Chianti Red Wine Salami

Our friend Alicia sent us some wonderful salami that she purchased at Trader Joe's. They are both from Volpi Foods, one was a Chianti Red Wine Salami and the other was a Pinot Grigio White Wine Salami. Both of them are 8 ounces and are all natural with no nitrates. They are actually made in St. Louis, MO, which is another bonus.
You can check out Volpi foods at and you can purchase the salamis at or another great site,


Sara said...

first off I lived there after living in LA and couldn't live w/o trader joes. Secondly I am trying to figure out a way to ship my mom some yummies from TJ's - but a question for you - was the salami kept cold? I only ask because I love the stuff - and I know it lives in the prepared meats section of TJ's...which is refrigerated.

Michael Tosatto said...

She sent it priority, so it came the next day and it was cold here, so not a problem. You can order it from those websites I listed, so it must not be a problem. If in doubt, use dry ice.