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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mango Room

One of our favorite places to eat is The Mango Room, located downtown at 1111 Main Street. Our friends Dan and Larry turned us on to this restaurant that features Caribbean and Southern Regional Cuisine. The owner is Thelma Oliver, a beautiful and animated woman, who brightens up the place with her brand of hospitality.
On this trip, I started with the Gazpacho, which was a special and a bargain at $2.50 . It was very good , with some spices you normally do not find in this soup and I could not identify. Dan had the Wedge Salad for $6.00, which is a nice wedge of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and bacon, one of our favorites. I typically order the Fried Chicken($12) and this evening was no exception. You always get a boneless breast , a thigh and a leg and your choice of two sides. I ordered the Coleslaw and Fried Green Bean Bundles, with 10 choices, it's hard to make a choice. Dan ordered the Grilled Salmon ($18) which he always orders. He had the Black Pepper Chedda' Grits and the Fried Green Bean Bundles. The grits are so good and were especially creamy on this visit. They have a great selection of martini's and I ordered the Sagriatini.
The Mango Room is a great place to dine and when the Power and Light District opens, will be very hard to get into. You can go online to and check out the full menu. This is a great diversion from all the chain restaurants in Kansas City and definitely worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

How about those YUMMY Mango martini's?


Michael Tosatto said...

Those are grrreat!

lisa said...

I've been most curious about the Mango Room, so thanks for the info. Also wanted to say hi, I just met your friend Alicia, in Phoenix a few weeks ago. We have a mutual friend there. Alicia told me all about you and this fabulous blog! I also am a foodie and love cooking as well as trying restaurants around town. I live in the Crossroads and am anxious for Michael Smith to open, supposedly this Friday!

Michael Tosatto said...

First off, try the Mango Room, it's worth the P&L District construction hassle. I do not know of this Michael Smith, can't wait too hear about it. We should try to meet sometime, if you like Alicia, you can't be too bad!!

lisa said...

I'm sure you do. Michael Smith of 40 Sardines and before that, the American? He and his wife were a team at the American, opened 40 Sardines out in OP, split up, she kept 40 Sardines and he's opening his namesake (no ego in the biz, huh) where Zin used to be. Fine dining. Then in the fall, where Blue Gallery was, he's opening Extra Virgin, a wood-fired oven kinda place. It'll be great for the 'hood! Yes, I'd love to meet up for a coffee or a drink. I loved Alicia! My schedule is pretty flexible.

Michael Tosatto said...

That is exciting!! Yes, I do know who he is now that you stimulated my brain. I hated Zin and did not know that they were gone. Glad someone of his caliber is opening a place there. Extra Virgin sounds great too!! I'll get your info from Alicia.