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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kansas City's Smoking Ban

As a former smoker, there is nothing I hate more than going into a restaurant and being subjected to others people's smoke. Because of that, I stay away from restaurants that don't do a good job of segregating the smokers from the non-smokers. That's my choice, I have the freedom to do that.
At the same time, I believe that it should be up to the owner of a business, as to whether they allow smoking or not on their premises. If they want to allow smoking, I will go somewhere else, but the business owner should have the right to make that choice.
If Kansas City is going to ban smoking in bars and restaurants, then they need to go all the way and ban it everywhere, including casinos and the Truman Sports Complex.


Gina said...

Smoking bans help the health of staff members and other members of the public. I am for smoking bans in public places. Second hand smoke kills. If a person wants to smoke it up in their own homes or cars then more power to them, just keep it out of others lungs.

Anonymous said...

Just think how DIRTY those places are. They have had cigarette smoke swimming in them for years! Do you want to eat there? Might as well have your food served to you in a dirty ashtray by a waitress with yellowed fingers and teeth! YUCK!!! Smoking sucks!