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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spin Neapolitan Pizza

I was excited to see a new pizza place go up in the Summit Crossing shopping center in Lee's Summit. I have worked in Lee's Summit for 5 years now and I find the lunch choices to be pretty bad. Unless you like chain food or fast food, you're better off bringing your own lunch. Then I saw this big, bold sign pop up saying Spin Neapolitan Pizza and I thought, finally something different.
I checked out their website and was even more intrigued. The pizza and sandwich selections looked good and different. I wanted to try a pizza and see if they were anywhere close to resembling a true pizza from Napoli, but the Roasted Chicken Sausage Panini was what got my attention. For $6.95, you get a grilled sandwich with sausage, white bean spread, onion fig marmalade and Asiago cheese. They even give you your choice of a salad. I called in the order and picked it up.
The restaurant is large and open. The kitchen is right there for all the world to see and the staff were all pleasant. I paid for my food, received the bag and headed back to my office.
The salad was a nice sized Caesar with Romaine and lots of little crunchy homemade croutons. The dressing was a little on the oily side, not creamy, but the flavor was good and not fishy. The sandwich was a big disappointment though. It was grilled perfectly and actually quite large for the price. The sausage was thinly sliced and every time you took a bite a big ol' piece came out of the sandwich. It seemed that all the pieces were the skin of the sausage, not too appetizing. The onion fig marmalade(which is the reason I ordered the sandwich), was pretty lackluster. And if I had not looked at the menu again while typing this, I would have to say that the bean spread was nonexistent.
With all that said, I will go back and try the pizza. I try not to be too judgemental on a first visit, but that pizza better be pretty outstanding to get me there for a third visit. They are located at 1808D NW Chipman Rd. Lee's Summit, MO 64081 816-246-7746. They also have an Overland Park location and one that will open in Olathe this Spring.


Anonymous said...

We ate at the Overland Park location. We ate the pizza and it was pretty good! Silly, don't order sandwiches at a pizza place. I think this place was started by the same people who started Bagel & Bagel and then sold out, I mean sold them.

Andrew said...

Not to be too judgmental, but I haven't heard of too many good dining establishments in Lee's Summit. Hopefully with the ever-expanding population and services being provided, there will be some better dining choices!

We need to get together for a two-cooks-in-the-kitchen night!

Anonymous said...

Spin warrants a second, third, fourth and fiftieth try. We have been going to the O.P. location since it opened and consider it our favorite casual restaurant in K.C. The first point I would like to make is regarding the Ceasar salad dressing - it is authentic, unbelievably good and has made it impossible to accept any other Ceasar dressing in town. There should be no creamy consistenty to a true Ceasar dressing and the olive oil should be prominent, along with the garlic. The pizzas are spectacular; the ingrediants all fresh and top quality - even the 'parmesan' cheese in the shakers is a grade that you won't find anywhere else. We paid a visit to the new Lee's Summit location to experience the expanded format and loved it, along with the signature martinis and mojitos. We are looking forward to the Olathe store to open since it is considerably closer. Spin is truly unique and stands head and shoulders above other tradtional or chain pizza places, unless you are looking for the heavy, greasy thick-crusted version that we, as discerning diners, avoid. We go to the O.P. location so often that we now recognize other patrons that also frequent this wonderful restaurant.

Mark said...


I have eaten at the OP location many times. The Lee's Summit location, like the OP location, struggled at first. In fact, I did not eat at the OP location for a year after I first tried them. The cooks started to get things down at that location. I might even go so far as calling them pizzaiolos.

LS is coming along on their pizzas, but the cooks seem to still be learning how to cook in that sort of oven.

Anonymous said...

We just ate at the LS Spin and got pizza. We had been hearing so many great comments that we were anxious to try it. We will not go back! Unless you like thin, greasy, burnt crust, with very little sauce on your pizza, go somewhere else. (For thin crust, I would recommend Pizza Shoppe.)

Anonymous said...

The pizza was a real disapointment, I agree if you like greasy, very little sauce, and burnt tasting, smoky flavor...I a little sick feeling in my stomach after I ate there...:(

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, if you like burnt smoky tasting, very little sauce pizza go eat there...I felt a little sick after eating there...:(

Michael said...

The pizza was a real disapointment, I agree if you like greasy, very little sauce, and burnt tasting, smoky flavor...I a little sick feeling in my stomach after I ate there...:(