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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Packages on the Porch

When I got home yesterday and took Gabby out for her walk, there was a package on the front porch. I was both excited and confused, thinking the only thing I had ordered recently were some plants and it was way too soon for those to be delivered. I figured I must have ordered something and just forgotten about it.

When we got back to the house, I realized that the package was from my friend Larry, who now lives in San Antonio, Texas. I tore into the box and found two books, Baking 9-1-1 by Sarah Phillips and Plank Cooking The Essence of Natural Wood by Scott and Tiffany Haugen. I almost bought a plank book this weekend, so the timing was perfect. I did however buy some wine soaked white oak grilling planks, so I'm hoping to find just the right recipe for it.

He also sent this beautiful art glass watering ball for one of my gardens. Larry knows that my passion for gardening is just as strong as my passion for food. So thank you again Larry for the gifts, I will be putting them all to good use.

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