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Saturday, July 7, 2007

1924 Main

Since Monday is my birthday, I decided to take Friday and Monday off from work. I have always believed that birthdays were just too special to spend at the work place. Dan called Friday around 12:30 to say he was leaving work early so that he could take me to lunch. He wanted to drive by Michael Smith and see if they were open yet before heading home. I thought that Michael Smith would be a great place to go for my birthday dinner, but he found out they are not opening until the 10th.
Anyway, Dan got home and said he wanted to go to 1924 Main for lunch, he loves eating there and I had never been. I finished getting ready and we headed downtown. The sign on the door said they served lunch until 2:00. Since it was 1:55 we thought we would try getting a table. Usually I won't go into a business that is about to close, but the door did say they served until 2:00. Actually they need to say that they serve until 1:54, because they would not seat us. BUMMER!! I guess I will have to wait before I eat there.


lisa said...

You know, that is really annoying. When this sort of thing happens, you know you are in KC and not NYC. Be glad they wouldn't seat you. I had lunch there myself on Thursday (funny) at 12:30. By 1:30 - 1:45, when we were wrapping up, the staff was all having their lunch at the bar in the back. Not very professional in my opinion, and forget service at that point. So I'm guessing your lunch wouldn't have been very pleasant. That said, I love the July menu and my dining companion and I had a great meal. The watermelon/tomato salad with feta viniagrette was delicious, as was the crispy rock shrimp on sexy grits. I'm on again off agin on this place, but for now, on. Happy birthday!

lisa said...

Where did you end up eating? I had lunch at Blue Bird today and the heirloom tomato salad with cucumbers and chevre was soooo fresh. It truly tasted like summer!

Michael Tosatto said...

We ended up at Houston's. I will post about it tomorrow. We love Bluebird, but talk about hit or miss.