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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cascone's Italian Restaurant

For my ongoing birthday celebration, we went to Cascone's Italian Restaurant at 3737 North Oak Trafficway, KCMO 64116. The place is just down the street from where we live and it has become somewhat of a tradition to go there on my birthday. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Kansas City, although there were a few issues last night. The restaurant was practically empty and the service was very slow. Also, they have changed their dinner salad and I do not like the new one. Way too much dressing which made the lettuce limp and it just did not taste like it used too, plus there were squishy pieces of artichoke hearts which I cannot stand in my salad.
They serve really good Italian bread, I believe it is from Roma Bakery, and we ordered the Olive Oil Dipping Service for $2.95. It's a good combo of olive oil, Parmesan cheese, basil and roasted garlic.
As for the entrees, I was a little wild and crazy and ordered something different.I went with the Chicken Parmigiano ($16.95), a breaded boneless chicken breast, baked with 3 cheeses and served with a generous serving of spaghetti which was all very good. Dan had his usual, the Tortellini Savina Marie ($15.95), tortellini served in a cream sauce with peas and prosciutto. He did not like it as well as he has in the past. Chris ordered the Baked Cannelloni Florentine (13.95), 3 pasta tubes filled with spinach and veal, baked in red and white sauces. Typical of Chris, he had pasta envy and wished he had ordered what everyone else had. Myla had the Ravioli ($10.95) , cheese filled pasta in a red sauce that was just as good as always. And Auggy ordered the Cannelloni Cascone ($15.95), pasta crepes filled with ricotta and Italian sausage with mozzarella cheese and he loved it. Myla had a Tuscan Melontini for $7.50, Auggy drank tea and Dan, Chris and I shared a bottle of Rocca Chianti that was $37, but we had a half off coupon for. The wine was okay, I have had better, we should have ordered the Ruffino. Myla and Auggy shared the canoli ($3.95) and Dan and I shared a slice of cheesecake ($4.95). The total bill came to $135.54 after the discount.

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Anonymous said...

Cascone's is ALWAYS awesome!! Wish they would bring the gnocci back, though.