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Monday, July 16, 2007

Jalapenos Brookside

I was going to grill out last night, but after doing yard work and trying to dismantle the master bath, I was in no mood to cook. We decided to eat Mexican and drove 20 miles to Brookside to eat at Jalapenos. We used to live in the Brookside area and loved eating there, so we thought a small road trip would be in order. It was worth the drive, the food has not changed and the service was good. We both ordered Margarita's on the rocks with salt and a bowl of Jalapeno Dip ($7.15). The dip is the reason we went and for that price I think I can come up with the recipe. I will work on it and see. For my meal I went with my old favorite, #3 Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, which as the name implies, is three crispy tacos with beans and rice. I get the beef , but you can opt for chicken or a combo of both. They are very filling and not greasy. Dan ordered his favorite, #5 El Pollo. This is a platter of 2 chicken , cheese and onion enchiladas and a crispy chicken taco and it was all very good. They have a very good brown enchilada sauce that tastes like the kind my mom used to serve. Jalapenos is not the most authentic Mexican place to eat at in the city, but we do enjoy it for a change. They have 3 locations in the area and we ate at the one at 6318 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City , MO. The web address is


Anonymous said...

I would eat there if it wasn't sooooo smokey! It is gross to think of a place serving food that makes you smell like you rolled in an ashtray when you leave! I mean, come on, how dirty do you think the walls, carptet, tables, etc. are. Places like Jalepenos (and Kelsos Pizza) need to get the smoke OUT! Just so NASTY to think that you are EATING there!!!

Anonymous said...

Tacos Tacos Tacos, my favorite too! It is worth the drive from up North.