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Friday, July 27, 2007

O'Dowd's Zona Rosa Revisited

Last night we were way up north looking for new lights to go over the new vanity. Who would have known that finding the right lights could be such a pain? Any way, we decided to eat at O'Dowd's at Zona Rosa because we were close and we have always had good meals there. They have a nice varied menu and their prices are good. If you like fish and chips, they serve up the best I have ever ordered. They also have a nice selection of draft beers, so I had a 20 oz. Smithwicks and Dan had a Sam Adams Brown Ale.

They have added some new items to their menu and we started with the new Pub Crisps($5.95), a plate of crispy house cut potato chips served with a warm bacon, blue cheese dip. The dip was actually a little on the bland side, which was disappointing because it sounded really good. We fared much better on our dinners, both of us getting sandwiches that tasted good. I had the Reuben, and while not as good as The Peanut, I enjoyed it. I actually cannot stand Thousand Island Dressing or Sauerkraut, but love them when they are attached to corned beef. The O'Dowd's version was a perfect blend of flavors, without having overdone the dressing or kraut which so many people do. Dan had the hunt Club($7.50), a grilled chicken breast, with bacon, cheese and honey lime dressing on an onion bun. You have options for your sides which is always good. The service was good and seems to be each time we go there.O'Dowds at Zona Rosa

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