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Monday, July 9, 2007

Pressed Ciabetta Sandwich

What??!!You fixed a sandwich for your own birthday dinner!! I know it seems strange, but I was tired of going out, that is all I have done for the past 4 days and I did not want to cook.

In fact, I have a stack of reviews to post from all the dining experiences over the past few days and then some. I spent the day with my sister and she was talking about Martha Stewart's pressed sandwiches, so I went to the store and put one together for Dan and me. I bought a nice ciabetta (maybe a little too crispy) and cut it in half. I layered it with thinly sliced prosciutto, thinly sliced tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella, drizzled it with Italian salad dressing, layered it with Bibb lettuce and slathered the top piece of bread with light Miracle Whip. I wrapped it with plastic wrap, placed it in the fridge and placed something heavy over it. After a couple of hours we had a very tasty sandwich. It reminded us of eating the sandwiches in Rome and Florence that you buy from street vendors. A very nice birthday dinner!!


Anonymous said...

Your sister rocls! You should have used bottled pesto instead of mayo. How unItalian of you!

Michael Tosatto said...

Hey dingbat, I did not use mayo I used Miracle Whip and I did use ho-made Italian dressing!! Read the whole thing Sister!

Anonymous said...

Dingbat? Archie Bunker called- he wants his insult back.