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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

54th Street Grill

Last night we ended up going to 54th Street Grill, it's the closest place for us to eat other than McDonald's or In a Tub. We like to go there because of the varied menu and typically go for a salad. Last night we sat down and opened our napkins and found some pretty filthy silverware. We both have worked in restaurants before and understand that this happens. My problem is that someone is not paying attention, it's one thing to have 1 dirty piece of silver, but 4??!! Whenever we told the waitress, she apologized with a giggle and returned with new silver. Dan's new knife had crusty food on it!! It's like, COME ON PEOPLE, how hard is it to bring out clean silver, especially when you had to have looked at it and the customer has already sent back dirty pieces back. To me, it comes down to a lack of training. This should be such a simple thing, but for some reason some restaurants don't care enough. It makes you wonder about the plate you are eating off of. If a restaurant can't give you clean tableware, what does that say about the kitchen? We ate at the 303 NE Englewood location, north of the river in the Creekwood Commons Shopping Center.


Robyn said...

I just wanted to let you know are you definitely not alone in the sub-par opinion of the 54th Street on Englewood. We too live fairly close to that location and I am always less than impressed with the service and the lack of respect the teenage employees have for their customers. Also, I just wanted to let you know how much both my husband and I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the great entertainment and recipes. :) Robyn

Michael Tosatto said...

You are most welcome. That lack of respect comes from poor management, which seems to have always been lacking there. I wish that Chili's would move into that space. As a one time waiter there, I know how much training they provide their servers. I think that 54th Street allows any one who walks off the street a chance to wait tables without any training.

Anonymous said...

My insurance agent sent free 54th St. dinner coupons to my kids for their birthdays. We went to the location in O.P. When we handed them to the waiter to pay our bill, he got the manager/owner? who proceeded to yell at us and scare the girls. What a jerk. He said that the coupons were only for adults & one per table (this information wasn't on the coupon). I insisted he honor the coupons & said I'd never be back. I've kept my word.