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Friday, June 15, 2007

Senor Tequila

Senor Tequila is our favorite Mexican place in Kansas City. Our city has lots to choose from when it comes to Mexican food, but we always end up back at Senor Tequila. The prices are very reasonable and they have great prices on beer and margaritas. They have a 29 ounce margarita for $6.25, which is the price that most places charge for theira regular size. They of coarse serve chips and salsa for free and you can add a really good bowl of guacamole for $3.
My favorite thing to get is Tacos de Carne Azada for $7.99. You get 3 flour or corn tortillas filled with the most flavorful steak. It's served with rice and creamy refried beans. My favorite part is the pico de gallo that they serve to top the tacos with. It is a made from scratch combo of tomatoes, onion and jalapenos that really make this dish. Sometimes I order the Enchiladas Rancheras for $7.15. This dish consists of 3 cheese enchiladas topped with enchilada sauce, incredible pulled pork, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onion and peppers, sour cream and guacamole. It's a heart attack just waiting to happen and I gladly say"Bring it On"!. Dan typically gets the Chicken Fajitas, which are loaded with chicken and cost $9.99. For the most part the service is very good, it seems that all the bad servers have moved on. We try to go on week nights after 7:00. They are not as busy and the food seems to be better. The restaurant is located at 6502 N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone, Mo. Their phone number is 816-420-0640.


Anonymous said...

They also have GREAT mole sauce...

Michael Tosatto said...

Yes they do!