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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trader Joes Cake Mixes

I love coming home to packages on the front porch!Some people would say I have an obsession about having things delivered. Well, that is my life, I obsess about everything!! This Saturday we arrived home to a heavy box of goodies from our incredibly good and kind friend, Alicia. She lives in the Phoenix area and sent us a box full of Trader Joe's goodies. She sent us 2 boxes of the Matcha Green Tea cake mix, 1 Brownie Truffle mix, 1 Chocolate Orange mix, 1 Vanilla and 2 bags of peanut butter treats for Gabby. Gabby was also very appreciative and thinks that Alicia is the best kind of person to know.
I made the vanilla cake last night and it was divine!! It has real vanilla bean in it and the cake is so moist. These are perfect cakes for small households.
Thanks Alicia, We Love You!!!


Sara said...

I grew up in KC but moved to LA about 10 years ago. I totally fell in love with Traders and haven't shopped anywhere else since (for the majority of things). I was moved back to KC for a short stint last year and was offered a permanent position but turned it down - the lack of Trader Joe's and the presence of humidity made it unbearable!

Anyway - I second your opinion on the cake mixes - my kids favorite is the orange chocolate.

Michael Tosatto said...

I will try the orange chocolate next! The humidity is on full force today!!