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Friday, June 8, 2007

Dinner with Dan and Larry

Last night our friends Dan and Larry came over for dinner. They are getting ready for a nice long vacation in San Miguel, Mexico and we wanted to see them before they left (we wish we were going along, but the bathroom needs remodeling). I prepared my favorite white bean dip for a starter, then served salad, bread, grilled chicken(a little on the dry side), braised Belgian endive ( is that in-dive or on-deeve, I prefer on-deeve, it seems more cosmopolitan),and oven roasted broccoli. We finished the evening on the screened in porch with brownies and ice cream that Dan and Larry brought over. Larry, who is not a cook, used olive oil in the brownies much to the dismay of Dan, but we thought they tasted great. I did not taste the olive oil and am sure that Italians use it to bake with, I'll check into that. We had a great time and enjoyed the company of good friends, that's what life is all about in my opinion. Anyway, I will post some of the recipes tomorrow when I have more time.

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