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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Arun Thai Place Grill

This past Friday night we were trying to decide on a place to eat and our friend Larry suggested Arun. He had been there before and really liked it. I thought it was owned by the same people who own Thai Place in Westport, which we had been to before and really like. Turns out they are the same people and Larry made a great suggestion.

Like Tarantino's, Arun is just across the river from our house, so it's a 10 minute drive at the most. They are located at 100 E. 7th Street in downtown KCMO. That is 7th and Walnut if you need a cross street. The restaurant is very nice and modern and they have a fairly large menu. The staff was also very good and very attentive.

We started out with the Spring Roll Deluxe, which consisted of 2 egg rolls and 2 spring rolls. They were both good, the egg rolls were a little greasy, but the spring rolls were perfection. These will certainly become a staple for me. Dan and Larry enjoyed them too. They came with two nicely flavored sauces.

For dinner I ordered the Pineapple Fried Rice. This was an excellent choice! It was stir fried rice with shrimp, pineapples, cashews and scallions. It comes with raisins too, but I asked them to leave out those gross little things. Dan had the Panang Curry with chicken. This was a spicy, thick and rich stew of chicken, curry, peanuts and coconut milk with bell peppers and kaffir lime. A little bit of this goes along way, it was so rich, but so good. Larry had the Pad Thai, he says he gets it every time. Stir fried noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, cabbage and scallions topped with chopped peanuts. This was also really good.

We each had 2 beers a piece, $3.75 for premium beers, not a bad price! Overall the food and service were great. The place has a great atmosphere and our bill came to $74. This will definitely be added to our list of places to go.

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