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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Organic Grass Fed Beef

People who live in Kansas City North finally have a health food grocery store!! Green Acres Market has opened at Briarcliff Village. It's a nice store with fresh produce, a deli and lots of health items. I wish the store was bigger, but beggars can't be chooser's. They actually have items there that I have not seen anywhere else, like Romenesco broccoli and purple broccoli.

They also sell Grass Fed Beef. The product comes from Golden Harvest Organic. The package says it is grass fed, USDA organic, no antibiotics or added hormones vacuum packed. It's fat content is 85/15 and come in 1 lb. packages. It says to enhance the flavor of organic beef, it is best cooked rare to medium rare. If you like well done cook at a low temperature in sauce to add moisture.

We have cooked with it twice. First in chili and then in the Sloppy Joe pizza. It does taste different than regular beef and smells different. It's hard to explain the difference, it's not bad, just different. The smell at first is a little funky though. But it cooks up just fine and works well in both the recipes we tested.

Beef is one of those things that I have trouble digesting. I love eating it, but my stomach hates me for it. Both times I eaten the organic, I have not had a stomach issue. I don't know if the reason is the difference in what the cattle eat, but it makes me think so. It is pricey, coming in at over $5.00 a pound. I will have to try out the steaks to see if they taste any different.


Dr. Robert C. Worstell said...

You know, there are many farmers just northeast of you which would love to raise organic grass-fed beef for you if we could get it to your market.

We've got some 20 calves a year I would rather raise on alfalfa and other grass instead of herbicide-required corn - lots cheaper, especially compared to the premium we can get for organic grass-fed beef if we can find the market.

So the challenge is finding or creating the network to supply the many diners of KC.

Anonymous said...

I think that grass feed beef is nasty. At least it was when I ate it in Britian. It grossed us all out and we never ate it.


Anonymous said...

I think that grass feed beef is nasty. At least it was when I ate it in Britian. It grossed us all out and we never ate it.

I've heard people say that about British food in general :-)

Hey Doc Worstell can I buy directly from you? I could take a half, but would rather have a quarter.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that there is a place to buy grass fed beef in Kansas City. i have no problems consuming only grass fed steaks. I think it's wonderful that they are healthy and antibiotic free having a tender and juicy taste. It is so important to find ways to be eat well. Finding new and delicious, low fat Steak Recipes is an essential part to making a great meal that is part of your healthy diet. LaCense Beef offers not only great ideas, but also some amazing, mail order grass fed beef. Though I now work for them, they honestly offer all the ingredients to having a good meal.You should really take a look.

Anonymous said...

A local source for grass fed beef as well as free range chicken and lamb is Full Sircle Farms north of Liberty, MO. The have a CSA program and deliver across the Kansas City Metro.

Anonymous said...

No Hormones, MSG or Antibiotics

For less than the cost of a Full Meal Deal at your local fast food joint, you can provide your family with nutritious, drug-free beef, chicken, turkey, specialty gourmet sausages, and farm fresh eggs. Once a month, April -- November, Full Sircle Farms delivers a nutritious Protein Share- a mix of all natural meats - to a convenient location in your area. Each share includes 30 lbs. of all-natural free range beef, poultry, and selections from our Ala Carte' Menu. Split a share with a friend or family, or enjoy it all!