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Thursday, December 28, 2006

King Arthur Flour Gingerbread Cookies

I finally got around to making the Gingerbread cookies from the King Arthur Flour mix. The mix is actually titled Gingerbread Mix for Cookies & Cake. The cookies turned out very good. They were nice and crisp. I got tired of cutting and rolling and cutting and rolling, so I made regular cookies at the end. These turned out nice and soft. The flavor was slightly spicy, but not too hot as gingerbread sometimes can be. Just a perfect mix of sweet and spicy! I'll definitely buy these again next year. You can also make cake with the mix.


Laura said...

You should make ginger bread more often.

gina said...

Tavie has a really good gingerbread cookie mix. Her cookies always come out good. I'll ask her to send it to you.