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Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Sad Demise of Iliki Cafe

Sadly, yesterday saw the closure of one of Kansas City's better restaurants. Iliki Cafe was a very good Mediterranean food restaurant located in the Picture Hills Shopping Center off of 64th Street. Not the greatest location, but it was well worth finding. Chris and Crystal Fuller served up some great tapas, the best falafel and one of the countries best wine lists. They were recently listed in Wine Spectator for their wine list. The service could sometimes be a little lacking, but the food more than made up for it. They also had a great beer list!

Unfortunately, it seems that a majority of Kansas Citians, would rather eat at mediocre chain restaurants. I'm not knocking the chains, I myself go to them on occasion, but there are so many great choices out there. The Mango Room, Tarantino's, Bluebird Cafe and Cafe Trio are just a few to try out! Get out of your rut and start exploring all the great restaurants Kansas City has to offer!


Anonymous said...

Long live Iliki. Where will I get my hummus and the BEST green beans in the world!

Anonymous said...

Eden's Alley on the Plaza has great Hummus!!

Anonymous said...

Been a long time but I still miss the garlic feta dip and the pizza blanca.